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New Year's Bash!

Okay, here are the final details on the joint SHS/SDS New Year's Eve Bash. As we all remember, SDS's swank NYC Prom got hijacked, and in exchange, they were able to get the hotel ballroom for New Year's. And because we awesome folks at SHS opened our Prom to them, SDS is opening their New Year's party to us.

Alright, now that I have recapped the situation so that Price can remember what is going on...

Here's the timeline!
December 31st
5pm: Meet at the train station
5:30: Board train to NYC (if not everyone can make it, there is a secont train at 5:50pm; the train people totally said that all of the RSVPs should make it on one train, but for sure on two)
7:30: Arrive in NYC, board charter buses to the hotel
8:15: Party begins! If you are over 18, you do have the ability to get a hotel room, so you can also check in. We're serving tons of appetizers and desserts and all of that, so totally come hungry.

January 1st
1:30am: Party ends.
1:45am: First round of charter buses heads back to Stoneybrook.
8am: Second and final round of buses heads back, and guys? I have the exact head count of who will be on each bus, and I WILL knock on your hotel doors and drag you to the bus. Or? Our principals will since both Tressel and Patek are going to be there and staying until 8am, and if you want to start the New Year off wrong, I think your principal seeing you drunk and undressed will do it, ya dig?

EVERYTHING IS IN STONE. You still have the ability to change from the 1:45 buses to the 8am buses, if but you don't get that to me or to the SDS chair by tomorrow, you are SOL. Don't forget, this is Prom-attire, so no scrubs need attend, kthx.

Oh, my lord, is it break yet??

Yearbook: Senior Section

Hi again everybody -

It has been a tradition at SHS to give the seniors a preview of their section of the yearbook, in its rough draft form, so students can change or redo pictures or quotes if what they chose does not come out correctly on paper. Listed below are each of the individual senior section pages, in very rough draft form, for your viewing pleasure.

Not all of the quotes and pictures have been accounted for or are so illegible it is taking the staff a ridiculous amount of time to decipher them and have you people heard of computers and planning ahead?? so if you notice your submission missing, stop by the Yearbook Office and one of the staff members would be happy to discuss the issue. Just don't talk to me.

Some of the quotes have been changed, to fix proper spelling and grammar King and some pictures have been altered slightly to fit in the styling of the yearbook and some pictures are ones sent in by parents, to keep them from being inappropriate, Shawna. None of the background images, lists, tables, or senior group photos have been added, as tradition is only for the senior pictures and photos to be shown.

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WHADDUP, PEEPS! it's the first week of december, which means that the entirety of the drama dept is running around like crazy as we make our way through tech week for:


Starring: Cokie Mason ● Franklin Enell ● Howie Johnson ● Trevor Sandbourne ● Price Irving ● Dorianne Wallingford ● Justin Forbes ● Rachel Griffin ● Erica Blumberg ● Penny Weller ● Davina Wells ● Al Hall ● Hannah Toce ● Cary Retlin ● Gordon Brown ● Alan Gray ● Kathleen Lopez ● Jason Henderson

Friday, Dec 4 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, Dec 5 at 2 pm and 7:30 pm
Sunday, Dec 6 at 2 pm

if you wanna see me in tights and high heels, price as a prepster, rachel and erica as a couple, and cokie ROCKING THREE DIFFERENT ROLES, get your asses to the auditorium this weekend! trust me, this is the best show shs has ever put on, and you do NOT want to miss it.

see ya there!
Hi everyone. For those who aren't aware, today is World AIDS Day.

21%--that's more than one in five--of people in the US living with HIV don't know that they're infected and may be transmitting it without even realizing it. The best thing you can do to help decrease the spread of HIV is to be tested.

The LGBTQ group that meets at the community center is partnering with the QSU at Stoneybrook University and with SU's health center to sponsor free HIV oral test at SU all day today in the student union. This is a completely needle-free test that yields a result in only 20 minutes. It's free, all day today, for students and non-students alike. Just stop by to take advantage of it.

Sorry, I know that's very soapbox-y and everything, but this is so important. Even if you don't feel like you have money to spare for this cause, at the very least, it's so easy to get tested. It's the least we can all do.
why my thanksgiving was awesomer than yours:

we had turducken.

happy turkey(/duck/chicken/whatever you crazy vegetarians eat) day!

Senior Pics

Okay, so this crap about "choose one photo" for the yearbook? That's well and good, but...that requires picking one. So if you have a bunch of photos and you want help narrowing it down? This is what this post is for. Here are mine! Oh, and if you're like, "Wow, Stacey's photos rock," it's because my stepmom did most of them--but the one where I'm sitting on the bench? That was by Mary Anne.
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